Career orientated Patricia Fowler’s previous relationships had gone awry. In Delusional, Patricia develops tender feelings for her married co-worker Paul. During this time Paul happened to be unhappy about his homelife because of his seemingly bored wife Wendy. Naturally, Wendy was not happy that Patricia had come between her and Paul. So, strange things started to happen with Patricia.

Delusional was a suspenseful story and the book was unputdownable. The story started off slow, some time was taken to introduce us main characters, their personality, past, who they were, where they had come from. I loved how in the first half of the book the lines of past and reality were blurred. It made it enjoyable read, made fantasy real or turned reality into magic. The ending had more supernatural elements in it, that line between reality and fantasy was crossed and it didn’t feel as fine as the first 3/4 of the book.

However, Delusional was a page-turner and it also gave me heebie-jeebies, when I tried to read it in the night, or alone in the dark early morning outside waiting alone for my bus.

Plot: 5
Writing: 3,5
Characters: 3
Emotions: 4.

Overall rating: 4 stars!