The Hunger Games with Magic and Aliens

5.0 out of 5 stars The Hunger Games with magic and aliens , November 5, 2014
By J.C. Wing
Format: Kindle Edition

This is the third book in the My Wizard Buddy series, and in this reader’s opinion, the best one of the three. While the first two were very creative, the third one had a little different feel to it. The authors were very successful at building a satisfying anticipation with Target Earth, and promoted things such as the importance of teamwork, strategy and taking care of one another.

An alien race, the Genzi, have invaded Earth and kidnapped sixteen Earthlings. Thirteen year old Tyler is one of the captives. The whole time Tyler is held prisoner, he is hoping that his wizard friend, Dirk, somehow finds and rescues him. Tyler holds his own, however, and shows great inner strength when he realizes that there are two other prisoners much younger than he is. He becomes their protector and does his best to comfort them even though he himself is scared out of his wits.

The Genzi put their captives through a series of tests, both physical and mental. In one such test, the prisoners are taken to a remote place before turning themselves into various wild animals. It becomes a safari hunt where the ‘animals’ prey upon the humans. It is Tyler’s time to shine as he comes up with a plan to protect himself and the other Earthlings.

Dirk is not forgotten in this story, although to share just what his role is would be divulging too much. Target Earth is still very much about the friendship between Tyler and Dirk, but this third book really allows Tyler to shine. He is triumphant, not because he has the power of magic, but because he is quick thinking and logical. He is a hero…and the authors threw in a bit of potential romance. A very nice touch.

Something I did find a bit surprising, considering the fact that his is a juvenile fiction book, was the use of the word ‘damn’ on two separate occasions. While definitely one of the more tame curses, I would think the authors could have found a more suitable word considering their audience.

All in all, I found My Wizard Buddy to be a very enjoyable series. Target Earth is definitely the shiniest jewel of the three, but all of the books together are a fine work indeed.