Reminds me of Jumanji and Amulet
Living exciting adventures with my wizard friend!

By Guillermoon March 19, 2015

My Wizard Budy is a juvenile fiction that tells the adventures of Tyler Dunsmore, an eleven-year-old kid that has certain problems to socialize…until his outer-space alien wizard, Dirk, appears.

Is then when the story gets very interesting. Tyler and Dirk will be very busy almost all through the book and they will experience very nice and cool situations, with special attention to the paintball war, where some crocodile creatures/gangsters enter in scene or when the Spider-man story takes place. They will even talk to the father of a popular student in the school, Ryan, who pasted away.

Despite this book is written with a very optimistic and positive taste, there is also room for some more “mature” topics such as the bullying and a family bereavement.

After Reading My Wizard Budy, I decided to buy a copy for my nine-year-old nephew Carlos because I did know that he would love it. Guess what happened? My nephew was literally glued to the book for more than an hour until my sister told him that it was time to go to bed. The book reminded me of a bit to the movie “Jumanji” and the “Amulet” series. Totally recommended!