Recommended Indie Books from 2017

As of New Year’s Eve, here are the indie books I granted five stars in 2017.  (One isn’t an indie novel, “Gone Girl”).

  1.  Gone Girl (thriller)
  2. Cruising Alaska on a Budget (non-fiction, travel)
  3. Tommy Turner’s Tremendous Travels (children’s)
  4. Liquorice Shoelace (short story)
  5. The Daughters Daring and the Crystal Sea (children’s)
  6. The Yosei (urban fantasy)
  7. Portal Island graphic novel series #2 (graphic novel)
  8. Water Lily (urban fantasy)
  9. Worlds With Ruby (urban fantasy)
  10. Charlie Bingham Gets Serious (children’s)
  11. Koolura and the Mayans (children’s)
  12. Arrival at Portal Island graphic novel series #1 (graphic novel)
  13. Under a Desert Sky (thriller)
  14. The Shrinkage Situation (humour)
  15. Secret of the Egyptian Curse (children’s)
  16. The Throne of Light (children’s)—the-throne-of-light