Oh my goodness… Oh no, just no!

Delusional by Scott Spotson


This book is a combination of psychological thriller and action thriller. There’s also a hint of romance thriller, if you know what I mean. (And yes, there’s a lot of different types of thrillers, they’re called sub-genres.) While I was reading this book, it makes my heart beat so fast like I was playing the role of the protagonist and it kept on the edge of my seat. Every chapter offers something and it’s really thrilling, in my opinion. I couldn’t expect what would happen next and that’s a great thing because it made me say things like;”Oh my goodness. Tell me that it did not happen.” “Oh no.JUST. NO.”

The characters are very much flawed and I love them all even though one was kind of evil (I wouldn’t tell you who since that’s what you need to find out!). Of all the characters, my favorite would be Jocelyn (AKA Joss), Patricia’s (the protagonist) best friend. I liked her because she proved herself as a really trustworthy friend and she never left Patricia’s side even though at some point she doubted Patricia’s delusions. As for Patricia, I liked her. She’s very independent and she’s the kind of woman who looks fragile on the outside but then she’ll surprise you with her strong personality. The other characters, Paul, Wendy, and Samantha are very much important in the story too. They all played an interesting role, actually.

The plot of this book was so amazing. There are two different plots in this book and they will eventually collide as the story progresses, which is so awesome! I couldn’t explain how I really feel. It’s just so amazing. It was really impressive. As for the writing style, it’s also great! This is actually the second book I have read by Scott Spotson so I’m pretty much used to his writing style already. HIs writing style is unique and very articulate. It’s very much easy to understand, well, at least in my opinion. THE PLOT AND THE WRITING STYLE IS JUST AS IMPRESSIVE AS THE CHARACTERS.

I would totally recommend this book to those people who loves to read thriller books (that will make your brain go crazy) with a hint of romance. I will totally consider this book as one of the best books I have read this year! Very impressive. Y’all should try reading it because it’s amazing and I said so.