My Wizard Buddy by Scott Spotson is nothing short of awesome.

unnamed1My Wizard Buddy by Scott Spotson is nothing short of awesome., January 20, 2015
My Wizard Buddy: (Juvenile Fiction) (Fantasy & Magic) (Kindle Edition)
Imagine you asked the universe for a best friend, and it responded by sending you a magical kid from another planet that could do just about anything you wished for, and a few things you didn’t? That’s what happened to eleven-year-old Tyler Dunsmore. He was feeling left out of conversations and friendships because his parents refused to let him have the games and technology that so many of his classmates were constantly playing and talking about. When the very magical Dirk appears, decides to become his best friend, AND move into his house, the latest technology isn’t needed any more because Dirk can magically create things a thousand times better.

The two boys get up to some typical pre-teen hijinx but magically amplified, whether that’s dealing with bullies in a hilariously magical ninja way, or playing Spiderman for real. Sometimes Tyler finds it isn’t so easy to have a magical friend, and other times his friendship serves him well and he can not only connect with other kids, but make genuine friendships from those connections as well.

I really enjoyed this book because each page brought more crazy antics, and there was no heavy-handed moralizing about right and wrong. In the end it was just two friends trying to work out a very unconventional friendship that worked more often than it failed.

To any parents reading this review: if you want your kids to read for fun, you’ve got to find books that are fun to read. This book fits that description perfectly.