My Wizard Buddy by Brian Wu, Scott Spotson: Juvenile Fiction Fantasy & Magic (Book One) [Kindle Edition]


My Wizard Buddy is an exciting new series, filled with alligator soldiers, superhero action and a berserk giant octopus. With plenty of magic and adventures to captivate young readers. If you are looking to hook a seven to thirteen year old reader this series, which blends fantasy along with valuable coming-of-age lessons, might be your magic tool to encourage reluctant readers.

This series is truly magical, as a wizard boy befriends a human boy on Earth. The main character, Tyler, is likeable and believable. He is someone whose problems and insecurities young readers can understand and sympathize with. The urban setting, and everyday existence, supports the reliability of the series. Creating a world that the magic seems almost believable as the reader witness the consequences of the magical Dirk’s well intentioned efforts to help his new friend.

In amongst paintball games, nemesis characters, wizards and reptilian horde the authors very skillfully address sensitive issues with intrigue and suspense. Creating a perfect opportunity forparents to easily address many issues like bullying and family bereavement.

Keep reading because the next in the series takes place on Dirk’s home world.

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