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4.0 out of 5 stars An imaginary friend of the most outrageous kind!, October 30, 2014
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This review is from: My Wizard Buddy: (Juvenile Fiction) (Fantasy & Magic) (Kindle Edition)
I am a huge fan of YA and Juvenile Fiction. There is something special about the genres that I find absolutely enchanting. After reading the synopsis for this book, I was ready to jump in. What I found in the prose was a mixture of sheer magic, creativity, a bit of realism and an easy flow to the story. The authors have done something fun with this.

This story begins with a young boy, Tyler, who is alone and wishing for a friend. Out of nowhere, one appears. His name is Dirk. He looks like a normal eleven year old…except that he’s a wizard and comes from another planet. From there the story takes off and the reader is carried through many fast-paced adventures.

This book touches upon several different important topics. Sibling rivalry is one, bullying and popularity are others. It even touches on incredibly difficult things such as death and dysfunction within the family unit. Unfortunately these things are a part of a majority of kids’ lives, and I believe that readers will be able to relate to these things without feeling burdened by them as they read.

This book is light-hearted and smoothly written. It is a pleasing story packed full of adventure and humor. The heavier stuff is present but not overwhelming in any way. At the core of the tale is Tyler and his friendship with Dirk…and what a friendship it is.

The age level listed for this book is 6 – 15. I’m the parent of two children and a long time homeschooler. I have read a number of different series with each of my children and think that a more appropriate age group for this particular one would be closer to 7 – 13. Perhaps this shouldn’t be too great a discussion point, however. I’m a grown adult and found this story to be both entertaining and charming.