Fresh Revamp of “Life II”

A limited, and surgical but effective, revamp of Life II, my debut novel, is ready and available on all the major retailer channels for on-line books.  

If you supply me with proof of purchase prior to the date of this posting (like an electronic screen shot of your purchase of Life II on Amazon or Kobo) I will be happy to gift you the new version, for free!  (of course, within reasonable limits, i.e. the first 100 or so, if my anticipation of the demand is way off multi-fold).

What’s different this time you may ask?  Well, Max is now an enterprising stock investor, relying on his foreknowledge of the economy of the 1980’s and the 1990’s.  That’s right, back in 1987, he knows about Dell, Enron, Worldcom, RJR Nabisco, etc, all the corporate scandals and stock market frenzies ahead of his time.  How does this factor into his new life?  Read and find out!  Not to worry, the plot is essentially the same, but this Max is a new, more determined guy, and yes, there is still plenty of the family drama and time travel that delighted previous readers.  Plus, he’s discovered more of philanthropy thanks to his investor finesse, and he gets involved with a humanitarian medical mission as well to tie in with his dream of being a doctor!  Again, these are minor tweaks that make the book more compelling.