Darker than the first…. Wizard Planet

4.0 out of 5 stars Darker than the first, but still just as magical, November 4, 2014

This review is from: My Wizard Buddy: Wizard Planet (Book Two) (Paperback)

This is the second of three books in Scott Spotson and Brian Wu’s My Wizard Buddy series. This time, earthling Tyler is taken to Dirk’s home planet of Adgiligda where he is introduced to the amazing Wizardium, the center of the planet’s universe. It has an ice crystal ceiling and is the place where games, concerts, competitions, ceremonies and pageants are held. Dirk then takes his friend to Julian, his home town. The two boys play Death Ball, (a game where the ball goes after the players…shrieking and shooting laser beams all the while,) and Tyler learns that the residents in Julian can enjoy summer, fall, winter or spring all year round simply by moving to different parts of the town. As a reader, I was intrigued by this just as much as Tyler was.

All is going well until Dirk invites Tyler to his home for dinner. He tells Tyler that his parents might be upset to find out that Tyler is a human. Tyler learns that in the past, wizards and humans lived on Earth together before the wizards became incredibly powerful and eventually killed off the human race. Needless to say, this throws quite a damper on Tyler’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of this new and magical place.

Tyler’s education continues when he goes to school with Dirk the next day disguised as a wizard. A debate breaks out among the children about whether or not the humans should have been destroyed by the wizards. Tyler winds up being taunted by several of the wizard children, and here is where this inspired tale takes a dark turn. I will not divulge the details in fear of ruining the story, but I will say that the authors take bullying to a whole new level.

This is a book brimming with colorful detail. The authors have created a vibrant new world full of interesting architecture and ideas. This second installment, however, as imaginative as it is, is also much darker than the first. Tyler is very nearly brutalized by three young wizards. He finds himself in a huge amount of trouble, not just physically and mentally due to the malicious acts of his tormenters, but also in a court of law when he and Dirk face criminal charges. In the end, the three bullies are not brought to justice, although the authors leave their readers with a ray of hope as the story concludes. Is it possible that Dirk and Tyler have forced the wizards of Adgiligda to think differently about their history with the human race?

The story is creative and very well written. In this reader’s opinion, it may have been a bit fierce for its targeted age group, but overall, I believe that this series is an absolute winner.