Brilliant Novel Idea — Life II

4.0 out of 5 stars A wish we’ve all had becomes a brilliant novel idea May 26, 2014 This review is from: Life II (Paperback) A wish we’ve all had, becomes a brilliant idea in Life II As human beings, we’ve all wished we could do it: go back to our youth, knowing what we know now. As authors, some of us have no doubt wondered how this wish might become an idea for a book. In “Life II”, Scott Spotson takes hold of the idea, runs with it, and scores quite the touchdown, in my opinion. Max is a bit north of 40, and unhappy with his career and marriage, though he has two children he loves. When a book he finds by chance turns out to contain intriguing codes and clues to possible time travel, Max follows the hints halfway round the globe, where he meets… an alien, the female Dr. Time, who has taken human shape in order to conduct an experiment. And because he has found his way here, Max gets to be the guinea pig, and travel back in time to 1987, when he was sixteen! Now, this is where the book begins to impress me. The theory of time travel it presents is an intriguing idea, making the book legitimate science fiction, rather than just a simple fantasy that goes, “Oh, the aliens have magic, so they can do this.” No, we are given a real explanation of how it works, and a thought provoking one at that. So Max goes back in time, with the intention of becoming a doctor like he always wished he had done, but to still marry his wife Abby and have their two children. But before long, he finds that things are turning out differently in Life II. Completely differently! Without giving too much away, let’s just say that there are quite a few twists and turns. Even though it tops 600 pages, my interest was never lost. The only fault I could find is the periodic typos that should have been found with a thorough spelling/grammar check. But the book’s narrative voice never falters, and the amount of thought that was put into it is evident all the way through. Rather than being a

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simple adventure story in which the hero sees some action on the way to a life lesson learned, we are taken through Max’s do-over of his life just as though we are re-living it along with him. “Life II” dares to be different. Bravo.