“Book Hits a “Home Run” — My Wizard Buddy, Target Earth”

5.0 out of 5 starsstar Book hits a home run with “man”-beasts, November 19, 2014
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This review is from: My Wizard Buddy: Target Earth (Juvenile Fiction) (Fantasy & Magic) (Kindle Edition)
The cover of My Wizard Buddy: Target Earth offers a tantalizing glimpse at one of the most imaginative plot points I have come across in my many years of devouring books. Since it’s on the cover anyway, I won’t be spilling a spoiler by saying that it portrays the transformation of the shape-shifting ET version of Earth’s war-loving Spartans into “man”-beasts with the heads of ferocious jungle animals. I ate up the main course of the book that follows and sailed through the remainder, featuring engaging main characters Tyler, a 13-year-old all-American boy put to the test for the first time in his safe life, and his playful ET wizard buddy Dirk. My only real regret about the story is that the authors missed a rich opportunity to develop terror and suspense in the malicious warriors’ chase of frightened human captives during war games they impose on them. Still, there’s enough drama outside of that in Target Earth for me to enthusiastically recommend the book for middle-grade readers, and the occasional man-boy like me out there as well.